Nov 5, 2010


In our school, every year on November 22nd, we celebrate the festivity of Saint Cecilia. Since the school was founded, music has been one of our hallmarks. Besides learning music as an school subject from kindergarten till sixth grade pupils, we have some choirs of both students and teachers who offer two annual performances, a concert for Christmas and another one at the end of the school year as a tribute to the sixth grade students who leave school to go towards secondary education. Some of us , also attend lessons at Lleida Conservatory to learn to play an instrument.
Now, we’re going to explain how we celebrate the day of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, at school:
In the morning, several students who play an instrument, go through the kindergarten classes to play some songs. Throughout the day, all primary students attend the music classroom to sing some songs and also listen to musical pieces that their classmates play.
We enjoy all the activities a lot and every school year we look forward to this event.


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