Nov 9, 2010

Italian traditional game: "Battipalla al muro"


This game can be played by one or more children outdoor or indoor.
It is played in turns.
The player has to throw a ball against the wall and meanwhile recites a rhyme and performs some actions.
If he mistakes the rhyme or the actions sequences or can’t catch the ball or let it bounce on the ground he loses his turn and the next player starts to play.

The rhyme and the actions

MOVE (make some movements)
DON’T MOVE (be still)
DON’T LAUGH (be serious)
ONE FOOT (balance on one foot)
ONE HAND (catch the ball with one hand)
CLAP HANDS(clap your hands)
CLAP AGAIN (clap your hands again)
TOUCH THE GROUND ( bend down and touch the ground)
TOUCH AGAIN (bend down and touch the ground again)
TURN ROUND (pirouette)
ZIGO ZAGO (cross your arms twice right in front of you)
VIOLIN (twirl quickly your hands one around the other one)
A KISS (touch your lips with one hand and send a kiss)
TO THE ANGEL (fold your hands across your chest)

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