Nov 2, 2010

November tradition from Sweden

All saints day
-time for memories

When it’s All saints day we all gathers in the church to think of relatives and friends that has past away. To honour these people we are lightning candles on theirs graves.
Pictures from the cemetery
in Boden.

Although that it’s evening
and dark the cemetery is
full of lights from all the
burning candles.



  1. In Sicily we used to go to the cemetary, take our children with us and speak about our dear relatives and friends who are no longer alive.
    In the previous days everybody rigorously clean and adorn the tombs with fresh flowers and candles. November the 2nd morning our children recieve presents "brought" by our dear dead.
    In this way we creat a bond of affection between the generations.

  2. In Spain we use to go to the cemetery too the 1st November.During the previous days we also clean the graves an put flowers on them. The 31st October families and friends met together to eat chestnuts an panellets (traditional sweet made of almonds and sugar)