Nov 28, 2010


Each year in December, in Catalonia we celebrate the tradition that we call “Caga tió”. It's a very old tradition that has been passed from generation to generation .We are going to explain what is it about.
In early December the "Tió" (popularly called "Caga tió": pooping log in English), reaches all households and families usually place it in the living room. Every day, till Christmas Eve children usually give it something to eat (fruit or biscuits) .
On Christmas Eve before the family dinner, everybody goes around the tió to make him "poop". First of all the trunk is covered with a cloth. Then children beats him with sticks, while singing various songs of “Tió de Nadal”. When they finish singing, they raise the cloth to see what it has shat, normally torrons (traditional Spanish Christmas sweets) or other traditional food or drinks. This is repeated several times. Children have a great time, and also adults who enjoy seeing their joy. The last time the Tió shits, children normally find sweets or little toys. A few days after Christmas, the Tió leaves home to return to the forest where usually lives.
We also celebrate this tradition at school, especially in Kindergarten. A big Tió arrives in early December and every day children bring him something to eat. The last school day before Christmas holidays, all the pupils in kindergarten meet to make the Tió “poop” .They sing the Tió song all together and after this they feel very happy because the Tió shits lots of sweets for them.


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