Sep 30, 2010


Prästholmsskolan is a public school in Boden. The school is located in the city of Boden but also near the forests and a big lake.
Prästholmsskolan was built in 1974 and the building is on one floor. Now we have three classes in a separate building 100 meters from the other school. There we also have after school activities for the children. We have such activities in both buildings.
The school has two principals. One for the compulsory primary school for children from 7 to 11 years old and the class for all 6-year-olds in a preschool class. And one principal for the compulsory school for the learning disabled.
There is a good co-operation between the two of school forms.
The schools profile is ICT and culture. The pupils learn to handle computers directly when they begin, both with internet and pedagogical programs. In every classroom there is at least one computer but in the common area there are many computers and we have big screen TV/ computers in every classroom.
Culture in all form is like a natural part in the teaching, through music, dance, rhythm and creative. We also work much with lifestyle and health and sustainable development.
All children in Sweden have food for free in school.
Our pupils:
Pre-school classes 27 pupils in two classes.( 13 + 14 )
First grade 20 pupils in one class.
Second grade 34 pupils in two classes.
Third grade 38 pupils in two classes.
Fourth grade 32 pupils in two classes.
Fifth grade 30 pupils in two classes.

Särskola (School for 23pupils
Most of the pupils live in the surroundings of the school but we have quite many that come from other parts of Boden. There are a lot of students with different origins such as Somalia, Turkey, Russia and Iraq.
The teachers staff:
At the moment we are 28 teachers with a little different sort of education.
From august 2010 Prästholmsskolan became bigger because another school in the area closed down. All the children and most of the teachers moved to us. They are also involved in this project. children with learning disability ):

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