Sep 29, 2010

The legend of the giant of the pine


He was born in a village near Barcelona and he was so tall and strong that sometimes he used a pine as a stick to walk.That's why he was known by the name of the giant of the pine.When he was thirsty, he went to the nearest river and drank all the water in one gulp, so it seemed the river had suddenly dried.He was a farmer.One day while he sowed,a man asked him the way to the village as he was so strong he raised both ox and plow to show it.

When the giant heard that Barcelona had fallen under the power of the Moors,he was so angry that he kicked off a pine tree by the roots and in a couple of ticks came to the city.Then he asked for the moor that ruled the city, popularly Known as the city giant,to fight.They did it and the giant of the pine was the winner,defeating the city giant hitting him with the pine.

Our popular song The giant of the pine,explains in the first strophe how the giant is going to Barcelona,just dancing throughout the way.In the second,explains how the city giant runs away across the roofs and the last one explains how the wife of the pine giant is passing in front of him.

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