Sep 30, 2010


The town Barrafranca, in which our school is situated , is in the middle-oriental part of Sicily and precisely in the province of Enna.Our school, named S. Giovanni Bosco, is a public school set up in an urban area and consists in a complex of three schools distributed within a part of the territory.The main aim of our school is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils and prepare them to be the future, responsible citizens For this reason we try to give all our best education through good methodologies and interesting and enjoyable activities and laboratories which help the children to learn actively.We have previously participated in Comenius projects.
The social, cultural and economic condition of our pupil’s families is medium, but there is a small group who comes from a low social status.Our school has been included in a disadvantaged area with pupils at risk of social exclusion and for that reason we elaborate every year a project which involve them in a project developing transversal skills.A few pupils with special needs and mentally disabled pupils attend our school. They are helped by special teachers who promote their integration with normal children.
We have Italian’s emigrated children coming from foreign schools (due to “return emigration” for the economic crisis in Europe) and pupils coming from Romania, Ucraina and China. They are helped to integrate in the classes, in the school and in the new society context.
At the moment 617 pupils attend our school: 231 in the pre-primary school and 386 in the primary school. They all live in Barrafranca We are observing a light decrease of the number of pupils due to the birth diminution.
In our school there are 61 teachers in total:22 in the pre-primary school, including 1 Catholic religion teacher and 38 in the primary school which includes 21 class teachers, 7 class and English teachers, 3 English teachers, 5 special needs teachers and 2 Catholic religion teachers.All the teachers participate in the school life and in the school’s decisions, are constantly in contact with pupils’ family, work in team and are jointly responsible of the group of pupils.They collaborate each other with respect in choosing the aims for each subject and in planning the activities for the pupils.
Pupils’ parents participate in the school life and in some school’s decisions and collaborate with the teachers to improve their children’s education.

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