Sep 30, 2010


Escola Frederic Godàs is a public school in Lleida (Spain) and it has got 18 groups of students..
The school is located in Cappont neighbourhood placed on the left side of Segre river.
The school was built and starts going on in 1981

At the moment we have 480 students in our school. We’ve observed a light increase in the number of pupils, about a 3 %.Most of our students live in the surroundings of the school, and they come from Lleida ,although few of them (15%)come from different countries like Romania, Nigeria, China, Morocco, Bolivia, Argentina, Croatia.

The teachers staff

At the moment we are 32 teachers:8 in kindergarten, including a kindergarten assistant,14 in primary education,3 English teachers,3 P.E teachers,2 Special needs teachers,1 music teacher and 1 catholic religion teacher.
All the staff participate in an active way in centre life and its activities and their relationship is based in respect, cooperation, collaboration, cohabitation and communication.
We are permanently in contact with families and in the same way they use to participate in the centre’s life dealing different activities that teachers are also involved

Other context indicators

In 2004 we update a context study relating to families' socio-cultural aspects. From it we obtained the next dates over a 643 people sample
1.Language for family use:44%Catalan,28%, Spanish, Catalan-Spanish 24% alike,4% other
2.Knowledge of Catalan:76% understand and speak,20% understand but not speak it,4% do not understand or speak, 35% had accreditation of Catalan studies
3.Knowledge of Spanish:96% understand and speak it
4.Knowledge of other languages :French (31% base line,7% high level), English (19%base line,7% high level), other (4% base line,4% high level)
5.Use of ICT at the household level:73% of households have a computer and 49%have Internet access

At the moment we are dealing with different projects as:school library project,environmental education project,autonomy school project and an innovation one related to foreign languages (PELE),that consists in teaching Art in English to our eldest students and also psychomotricity .We' ve participated in European projects (Comenius 1:Toys and games)from 1998-2000 and other ones like Orator projects or innovation ones.We base our educational practice in an active methodology to facilitate our students' learning,and we want to involve them in the European context as responsible citizens.

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