Sep 30, 2010


Kerava is a city of just the right size and is located close to Finland’s capital city Helsinki. Kerava is a green city that is built for people to live in. A safe place to live, Kerava also offers an abundance of diversified local services in and around its central pedestrian precinct. Kerava is a modern city that has grown around the railway. A city that knows its roots but heads confidently into the future.

The Kurkela Elementary School opened in August 1987.We have grades 1-6 with no parallel classes.The number of pupils ca. 160 varying yearly.The Day Care Center with a Kindergarten class is located in the same building as the rest of the school.
Our school has participated several experiments such as:
- The National Experiment on sexual equality including e.g. teaching technical and textile work for both boys and girls.
-The National Experiment on evaluation, School 2001 Project facilitating the use of computers in learning and teaching.
- Aquarium School Project with the aim of making the school as a functional learning center.
- Co-operation with The Kerava Historical Museum.
We put an emphasis on activities in the fields of:

- Internationality and the English language
- Skills in interaction and school democracy
- Studying and learning skills
- Art, drama and technological/handworking skills
- Natural sciences and recycling
- Extracurricular activities

Pedagogical principles

-To improve and develop teaching and learning in a stimulating and safe learning environment.
-Students’ individuality, activity and ability to act in a sociable manner are our first priorities.
-Students are encouraged to work actively and independently.
-Working is based on both teachers and classes’ weekly meetings and ultimately on each pupil’s own planning of his/her work.
-Our school is constantly developing its role by co-operating actively with parents and other interest groups.
-We have ten pupils who have learning difficulties in reading and writing, maths, foreign languages ETC.

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