Dec 2, 2010

Links to works of Sibelius

Finlandia tells about the awakening of Finland. The words of the Finlandia hymn tell about Finland rising from darkness to be independent. Those words were written during the World War II in 1940.

Valse Triste’s subject is grief and death. Valse Triste (sad waltz) tells about an old woman lying in her bed wating death to come. The Death knocks on the door. Old woman sees herself as a yuong maiden and dances her last furious dance. Then the Death takes her from her life.

Carelian suite -Intermezzo I tells about beautiful nature of Carelia. Carelia is in the eastern part on Finkand.

My heart's song is a lullaby by Finlands national writer Aleksis Kivi.

"Luonnotar" (Nature Goddess): Karita Mattila sings Jean Sibelius' tone poem in the world wide 2000 Millenium Eve celebrations. "Luonnotar" tells according to Kalevala how the world was created. Kalevala is Finnish national epic.

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