Dec 22, 2010



Hilarymas is a tradition that takes place on the 13th of January, also called Tjugonda Knut, because it is 20 days after Christmas and the name of the day is Knut.
The tradition involves plundering of the Christmas tree and throwing out all advent and Christmas decorations. Traditional Christmas trees are being thrown out while plastic trees are putted away to be used the coming Christmas. The Christmas tree stand is also kept and putted away.

Hilarymas is seen as the ending of the almost one month period of celebration, starting on the First advent continuing with Advent, Lucia, Christmas, New Year and Epiphany.
During the celebration of Hilarymas certain activities are held for children, such as dancing around the Christmas tree, different games, lotteries, fishing ponds and more. The activities take place both at home and in public such as The Peoples House, preschools, schools, sport clubs and religious bodies.

The tradition has its origin in the old tradition of decoration the Christmas tree with apples among other eatable things. They plundered the tree on the sweets and eatables and feasted on it. Hilarymas, Christmas tree plundering, has also been called the shaking of the Christmas tree.
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