Oct 7, 2010

August tradition from Sweden

The sour herring premiere

The sour herring premiere takes place at the end of August. The dish is made from small Baltic herring, which is caught in the spring, salted and fermented. It’s packed in sealed tins but the fermentation continues and in the time the tins swell, both on the top and underneath. As a strong pressure has built up in the tin it should be opened under water preferably outdoors.
Sour herring has a strong, pungent smell of rotten fish. Enthusiasts love this smell while newcomers reel back in shock. The dish tends to divide the population into two camps – those for and those against.
The traditional way of eating sour herring is wrapped in a thin-bread sandwich. You butter the bread, place the gutted herring on it together with slices of almond-shaped potatoes and chopped onion and tomatoes. Fold the bread and eat with your hands. Enjoy the dish together with friends.


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Surströmming - A Taste Of Heaven (Curt)

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