Oct 6, 2010

October Spanish Tradition Text

Hi everybody!
We are the sixth-grade students in Frederic Godàs school. Today we celebrate an ancient tradition we have here in Catalunya. We call it “La Castanyada”. Every 31st October at night, families and friends use to get together to have dinner. After it, while they stay sitting round the table, they eat roasted chestnuts and special sweets made specially for this day that we call panellets, they are made of sugar, honey, eggs , almonds an pine nuts. They are really tasty and nice.
At school, every year we have our own Castanyada party. First of all, the children from kindergarten until 6th grade, dance and sing traditional autumn dances or songs related to this festivity .After this, all sixth grade students, who are dressed in costumes of chestnuts sellers ,deliver all the other children roasted chestnuts and some drinks. Afterwards, we use to eat the chestnuts in circles with our parents and teachers. We really like and enjoy the party.

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