Oct 11, 2010

Project Introduction

Knowing by sharing.

In our opinion sharing offers us a great opportunity to enrich ourselves as people, not only in an intellectual way but in a human one. In this sense, the more we share, the more we grow. This is the aim of our project.

There are four main issues that we are going to work and develop during our partnership. These are:

1. Traditional games.

We want to focus either in indoor, outdoor or table games.

2. Traditions and great musicians (classical/pop).

This issue will have two fields that we are going to work:

· Traditions (songs, dances etc....) related to different festivities we celebrate throughout the year.

· Biography and main productions of two great musicians born in our countries and their contributions.

3. Art

In this case we want to link our local arts with famous artist’s productions and work different art techniques. The contents will be:

· The four elements: water, fire, earth and air

· The urban art

· The human figure

4. Geographical,historical and social situation of our cities,regions and countries.

The main reason that pushes us to apply for and carry out this project has been our firm conviction that our students must learn not only the specific contents of their closest environment (city, region and country) but also come into contact with the cultures of our European neighbours,that is an increasingly important issue. In this way we obtained an interaction with others, and an exchange of traditions, customs and other cultural aspects relating to different disciplines like music, games, art, history, geography and languages not forgetting the use of new technologies so necessary in the twenty-first century society in which we live

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  1. Thanks for a nice week in Rugby! Farshana - you did a great job for all of us.
    Love from Sonja