Oct 28, 2010

Rules for: The chicken and the fox

Rules for the game:

The chickens and the fox
One child have to be a hen and she stands on the shortside of the hall.In the middle of the hall stands the fox.
The rest of the children have to be chickens and they stands on the opposite side of the hall.
The hen shout: Come all my chickens!
The chickens answer: We don,t dare for the fox!
The hen shout again: But come anyway!
Then the chickens have to run to there mother, the hen, on the other side of the hall. They have to be careful and run away from the fox.
The fox has to touch as many chickens as he can before they reach the wall.
If the chickens can run to the other side without being touched by the fox they can continue to be chickens. Otherwise if they get touched by the fox they became foxes too. Then they have to help the first fox and so they became more and more foxes.The game continue until there are only one chicken left and there you have the winner.
Have a nice time!!

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