Jan 2, 2011


In our country we celebrate the 6th of January,the Feast of Three Kings.They are in charge of distributing toys to children who have behaved well during the year. In December,during Christmas holidays the children write their letters asking for toys and presents.Then they have to wait till the visit or their majesties royal page that announce the upcoming arrival of the kings in the city and collects the letters that the children bring to deliver them to the Three Kings:Melcior,Gaspar and Baltasar.The evening of January fifth,is an exciting day for the children because the three kings arrive.They can do it by land,air or sea depending on the city,town or village.Here,in Lleida they use to arrive by train.Then the townhall organize a big parade in which the kings walk around the town in beautiful chariots accompanied by the town giants,the Marraco,music bands and other groups of people that children like.
While they walk they through thousands of sweets to children that cheer them by clapping or singing songs.At the end of the parade the town mayor welcome the Three Kings and give them the magic key to enter all homes and in this way deliver all the toys the children had asked for. After giving thanks for the welcome,the children can greet the kings and deliver their letters.
After this,everybody goes home very quick to have dinner and go to bed early to wait for the royal visit.Next morning when children get up go to the living room to see the toys the Kings have brought and start playing with them.But... if you don’t behave well, the Kings bring you coal instead of toys and presents,although normally,it’s not real,but a kind of sweet.


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